Sap! products are non-alcoholic beverages made from 100% pure maple sap straight from the maple trees of Vermont. Our Maple Sap! Soda and Maple Sap! Seltzer are healthy alternatives to sugar-sweetened beverages. Sap! is about more than just satisfying a craving. It’s also about tradition. Our products make the time-honored tradition of the maple harvest accessible to everyone, while supporting Vermont’s working landscape and rural economy.      

Every spring, the transition from freezing nights to thawing days triggers the flow of sap within the mighty maple tree. Once a tree is tapped, maple sap comes out of the tree looking like water and has a subtly sweet taste. But sap is so much more than just H20. 

Maple sap holds myriad health benefits including electrolytes, antioxidants, manganese, and over 40 other vitamins and minerals. The drink is hydrating and great for post workout recovery, along with just being a delicious drink for normal consumption. 

And one more thing, harvesting sap is a sustainable practice that does not harm the tree.