Burlington Free Press - Is birch the new maple? VT entrepreneurs tap new market

Birch is certainly a new frontier in the beverage world, and we're excited to be leading the charge with the first commercially produced birch product in the USA. To read more about the status of birch, check out this awesome piece from the Burlington Free Press here

Smith, 28, and his partner and cousin, Nikita Salmon, also 28, launched Sap! in 2015 with maple sap soda and seltzer made in Vermont. Now the partners hope to pioneer an new category of beverages based on birch, rather than maple sap.

wptz - Sugar Houses prep for vt maple weekend

WPTZ covered maple across Vermont, showcasing Sap! products and our production facility. For the full story click the link here.

The industry has grown leaps and bounds over the past several years with young entrepreneurs making products tailored to a more healthy market.

wcax - Sap! Maple

We spent some time with WCAX talking about our Vermont operation. It would not be possible to make our products without the help of a variety of Vermont businesses. For the full story click here

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What you can expect from a can of SAP! is sweet taste and fewer calories made by two cousins and a family of statewide suppliers.

blog - Confessions of an overworked mom 

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SAP! Is committed to the concept of the “working forest” and the sustainable production of timber. Loving both varieties!

Drinkpreneur - the most interesting beverage brands from 2016

Sap! isn’t just another maple water product line, but a brand boasting maple soda and maple seltzer to attract consumers seeking more interesting refreshments than regular soda.

The publication Drinkpreneur stated that 2016 was a colorful year full of surprises and remarkable events, especially for new releases in the beverage industry. From start-ups to well-known brands, 2016 was a year full of innovation and creativity in the world of drinks. For the full article and to read more about Sap! click here.

Café Outfitter: All Things Sparkling 

Fresh Cup Magazine did a great job highlighting the variety of new and healthy beverages topping consumer trend lists. We're pumped we made the list! Check out the full article here.  

Support Vermont’s working landscape and rural economy, and rehydrate while you do it.

Addison County Independent - Tapping trees for a new brew: Middlebury-based SAP! makes maple drinkable

We were excited to speak with the Addison County Independent about our production facility, and how we source most of our sap from the county! To read the article click here

Their beverages, produced out of the Woodchuck production facility on Exchange Street in Middlebury, are made with pure, sweet maple and birch sap — most of it tapped right here in Addison County.

Blog - Famadillo: Sap! Maple

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Blog - Stephs Cheers and Jeers: A Taste Test of Sap!

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